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Downtime costs you money.
You're not alone. We're here to help.

Our solution

With Artificial Intelligence becoming an integral part of multiple business sectors, managers have begun exploring deep-tech solutions to long-standing problems.​

Losing income due to downtime is a painful and long-lasting issue in the industrial and logistics sectors.

Accidents and the inefficient use of resources, such as manpower, vehicles, and machinery, are the main contributors to this problem

ArmourSense is a video analysis software solution (SAAS) that leverages your existing video cameras with AI capabilities.

With our solution, you are able to predict and reduce risks to people's safety, improve the efficiency of your work, and reduce the costs associated with downtime.  

Preventing Accidents

 Every year, 2.7% of workers are involved in accidents. As a result, the industry loses approximately 2.68 million dollars in productivity every year.

Increasing Productivity

Machine vision and deep learning are key factors in improving the efficacy and productivity of industrial facilities, such as factories, logistic centers, transportation centers, and yard operations.


“As a result of the new ISO standards, we have been looking for relevant solutions - with ArmourSense we would be covered, allowing us to ensure the safety of our employees at all times”

Micky Zadka - ICL Group

"A major goal of every organization is to protect its employees and visitors, especially in the challenging industrial environment"

Shlomo Aloni

Vice President - Israel institute for occupational safety and hygiene
"Technology today has made it easier than ever for us to reduce risks and improve the safety of our employees and organization"

Zion Azran

Global safety manager - supply chain - Hazera
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