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Our Mission

A team of machine vision and deep technology scientists created ArmourSense in order to take advantage of high-end technology for the benefit of society.


Their goal was to find a field in need of a revolution. 


One day, during the summer of 2021, our CTO, Maoz Tamir, was watching the news. A factory accident was reported in the north of Israel. While doing his routine tasks on a production machine, an employee was not paying attention and had his hand caught in the machine. This poor man lost his right hand.


Our decision was made at that point to apply all our knowledge and experience in the areas of computer vision, machine analysis, and deep technology to prevent situations similar to that from occurring in the industrial and logistic sectors.

As we implemented ArmourSense 1.0 on our clients' sites, we discovered the same algorithms prevented accidents, as well as measured the effectiveness of equipment, vehicles, and employees.

As a result, we have a holistic tool that is not solely focused on safety or productivity, but rather a complete solution that minimizes downtime (12).png

Our Solution

ArmourSense is a video analysis software that leverages your existing video cameras with AI capabilities. By leveraging them, we are able to predict and reduce risks to people's health and improve the efficiency of work.

We are 100% committed to protecting the privacy of your employees. We run our software on-premise and on-edge, so no data leaves your facility.

Core Values

Technology & Business Innovation 

In the same way that our AI algorithms are continuously trained by the activities in the facilities, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the business outputs of our customers.

Keep it simple

ArmourSense is super easy to install. Just plug the ArmourBox into your network. There's no need for an implementation process or consulting services

Protecting Life

Our primary concern is the safety and health of your employees. Our technology transforms your facility into a safe environment.

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