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We transform ordinary video cameras into productivity-boosting tools

Reduce vehicle idle time

During idle time, an asset (in this case, a vehicle) is ready and available to work, but is not doing anything productive. 


In most cases, forklift idle time occurs when an operator keeps the engine running while picking up orders from shelves, filling out paperwork, or taking a short break inside or outside the vehicle.


Whenever an event of this type happens, gasoline is wasted, so more fuel costs, but also think of the negative impact on the environment - your carbon footprint!

Detect speed violations

Everywhere, speeding causes traffic accidents. It becomes even more critical if the speeding vehicle is moving within a crowded, intense industrial environment.


Especially since the vehicles used in those places are generally heavy-duty machines. 


Our speed violation control feature allows you to monitor the speed of vehicles in your facility.

boost and enhane fleet

Boost productivity

We continuously scan and learn the multiple aspects of work through our algorithms to provide you with data that will enhance your work efficiency and productivity


The system will report idle time, working time, and finished product volume for assembly lines and manufacturing machines. We notify you if there is a shortage of parts or materials. You will be notified if a machine is at risk due to incorrect usage. Additionally, we will recommend additional training when work is performed incorrectly.

Enhance fleet management

There are many aspects to fleet management. Optimizing vehicle utilization, reducing fuel consumption, and caring for drivers are some of the challenges.

In order to optimize fleet utilization, we will provide you with a complete picture of the vehicles' location at all times. This will show when they are moving, working, and when they are not. 


You can also view a dynamic map of the optimal driving routes. Avoid a specific route because there are a lot of employees crossing or because there is a pile of boxes blocking the passage. With the optimal routes map, you will save time, reduce accidents, and use less fuel.

Increase employee satisfaction

Your most valuable resource is your people, and their satisfaction plays a crucial role in determining your organization's success.

We integrate caring for your people into every aspect of our solution. All of this while maintaining their privacy and adhering to the strictest GDPR standards.


Some examples:

In order to reduce the risk of injury to production workers, we make sure the correct protective equipment is being used. We make sure people aren't using machines in a dangerous way, we figure out when a worker needs a break, when someone needs more training, etc.

Improve traffic flow

It is common for manufacturing or logistics facilities to have several busy intersections and blind spots.


We built a traffic control unit to address this safety challenge. Essentially, this is a set of two light bulbs: red and green. A green light indicates that you can proceed in your planned direction safely. The Red light will only turn on when there is a collision risk, identified by our algorithms.


This ArmourSense feature not only prevents collisions, but it also increases the plant's productivity. The reason for this is that we keep work flowing and only interapt when there is a risk of an accident. The innovative solution replaces the old method of traffic control that is either manual or based on a predetermined cycle of red-green-red-green regardless of the actual reason for stopping the traffic.

“Shallow men believe in luck; wise and strong men in the cause and effect."

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

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