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Your team is safe with us

We're here to prevent accidents. We develop technologies that protect workers from physical harm and managers from liability, fines, and regulatory sanctions.


Designed for industrial facilities and logistics centers, ArmourSense prevents accidents involving people, vehicles, machines, and robots. 


We are the first On-Premises and On-Edge solution to identify and predict hazardous situations and alerts in advance, protecting workers and eliminating accidents before they occur.

Forklifts, Trucks, Tractors & Excavators

ArmourSense safety vehicles accidnt prevention forklift

Folklifts are the most common vehicles in factories, warehouses, and other manufacturing and logistic facilities. Trucks, tractors, and in some cases, even excavators make up the rest of the fleet.

Every year, accidents caused by these vehicles cost the industry over 900 billion dollars.

ArmourSense provides a comprehensive solution for preventing accidents between vehicles and between vehicles and people.

Our solution is based on an extremely accurate prediction of risk levels. It is our commitment not to generate false alarms. Our alert system is activated at the exact moment when drivers and pedestrians should take action to prevent an accident from occurring.

Tools for alerting:

- Environmental sirens

- Sirens on vehicles

- Lights at intersections

Production Machine & Assembly Lines

Image by Lidya Nada

ArmourSense prevents accidents in manufacturing facilities in two dimensions:

The first. You can view hazards, safety levels, near misses, and recommendations for improving safety on your mobile device or computer.

Second, the machine is equipped with a siren. The sirens are only activated when it is necessary to stop an accident and have been proven not to create false alarms that decrease attention.

Because our software runs on-premises, your data will never be transferred outside your organization. It is our highest priority to protect the privacy of your employees. You can adjust the visual data presented in the application according to the corporate culture, and you can display just faces or entire bodies.

Personal Protective 
Equipment (PPE)

Firefighter Turnout Gear_edited.jpg

Personal Protective Equipment is a major element necessary to keep workers safe.

Most factories have signs indicating which personal protective equipment is required; however, workers tend to disregard these signs.

It may be uncomfortable to wear helmets, hardhats, safety boots, harnesses, gloves, high-visibility clothing, eye protection, safety glasses or goggles, but they are essential for keeping your team safe.

As you speak with the safety manager at the facility, you will likely hear a lot of frustration about the ongoing struggle to ensure workers wear the recommended personal protective equipment. 

With ArmourSense in your factory or logistics center, you can eliminate this problem. We will ensure that everyone wears their personal protective equipment.

Robotic Equipment

3d Modeling_edited_edited.jpg

We live in a competitive environment where robotic manufacturing is practically an acronym for advanced and effective manufacturing.

In general, robotic machinery is equipped with safety features that, when used correctly, provide a high level of safety. Whenever workers discover ways to circumvent them, safety risks arise. 

With ArmourSense's AI algorithms, you can track how your employees' behavior changes and evolves over time in the robotic factory. No matter how creative they may be, we are always one step ahead, eliminating any potential safety bypasses.

Two levels of safety are used to prevent accidents:

The first. Personalized dashboards and reports displaying hazards, near misses, and safety recommendations.​

The second, the robot's immediate surroundings are equipped with sirens that sound when a risk is about to become an accident. The sirens are only activated when they are necessary to stop an accident, so they do not create false alarms that reduce attention.

Restricted Areas

Lock on a chain link security fence._edi

Locations can be completely prohibited, for a specific period of time or based on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).


All of these aspects will be handled for you by ArmourSense's machine vision and machine learning technology.

Liquid spills & Obstacles

The used oil spill from a white bucket o

A busy work environment frequently suffers from hazards like a dripping faucet, an oil or detergent spill, or discarded bottles. 


We identify hazards of this kind by continuously monitoring the environment and provide you with real-time data in order to prevent accidents.


In your report portal, you will find a history of cases of this type, as well as a list of predicted occurrences, which will enable you to eliminate them before they occur

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